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Consumers with bad credit often experience higher interest rates and the inability to obtain financing when needed. Poor credit can make it difficult to acquire a mortgage, auto loan or a credit card. A low credit score can also prevent individuals from renting a vehicle or apartment. The premium on auto insurance may also be higher for an individual with damaged credit regardless of his or her driving history. Financial institutions conduct credit checks to determine if a consumer qualifies for a variety of products and services.

Our staff understands that having poor credit makes it difficult to get approved for credit cards, personal loans, car loans and mortgage loans. This is why we have created this free consumers guide called Bad Credit MD that is dedicated to helping consumers repair their bad credit, obtain credit counseling, get free credit reports, handle debt problems, learn about wage garnishment laws, filing for bankruptcy, finding second chance checking accounts, getting a mortage loan, dealing with harassment from debt collectors, learning about the statute of limitations on debts, plus locate credit cards and loans from sub-prime financial institutions in the United States, United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland), Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India and Canada.

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